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14 December 2017'Fraudulence, Trickery and Deception - Looking into Paintings'
10 August 2017Paintings inspired by Music and Music inspired by Paintings
08 December 2016"From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Mayer" - The Birth of the Silver Screen and the Artists it inspired.
11 August 2016Layers of Rome
10 December 2015Impressionists in London
11 August 2015Roland Penrose and Lee Miller at Farley Farm

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'Fraudulence, Trickery and Deception - Looking into Paintings' Frank Woodgate Thursday 14 December 2017

(This Study Day will consist of two lectures followed by lunch.)

Edgar Degas said "A painting requires as much fraudulence, trickery and deception as the perpetration of a crime."  Artists can manipulate colour, form, composition and subject-matter (even facts!) in order to explore universal themes such as life, death, feelings, or politics, and to engage our emotional participation in the work.

In this study day we will see how artists use colour, composition, subject matter and other means to engage our emotions or provoke a response.  We will also examine the way that modern treatments of traditional genres, by artists like Manet, Picasso or Damien Hirst, can add to, or change, our understanding of the subject and its message.  We will also explore the way in which Poussin, Reynolds and Max Beckmann, for example, frequently manipulate perspective, composition and reality in order to convey more than meet the eye.